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No matter where you live, you want to be able to enjoy life to its fullest; taking in the local attractions as well as taking a vacation to other cities around you. If you have been involved in a vehicle accident, you may find it difficult to get around or even afford to get around due to the rising cost of medical expenses and possibly the loss of your job. If you have experienced an injury due to an individual being negligent, let our lawyers go to work for you.

Accidents are sometimes very difficult to avoid and when someone is acting in a careless or reckless manner, it could cause you mental as well as physical injuries that never go away. If you or a loved one has been in such an accident and struggling with the injuries, we are here to help you. BL Accident Law sees these cases through our office and we represent everyone to the best of our ability.

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First, if you feel like the accident that someone caused due to carelessness and you were in could have been avoided and prevented, then you qualify for damages. If your right, you may also be entitled to restitution as well. You should always be aware of your statute of limitations when you have been in an accident so you will not go past the timeline to file your claim. If you want too long to file, you could lose your option to file or make it more difficult to represent your case.

When you file a claim, both sides need to be heard in order to make a fair decision. Once you hire our legal team to represent you, we will make sure that your case doesn’t expire before the time to file deadline. We will always keep you up-to-date on your situation so you know how the case is progressing.

It’s very difficult to avoid accidents all the time. Personal injuries can happen in different ways such as, motorcycle accident, a slip and fall accident, or product malfunction. When an accident occurs, the first thing you will do is to normally try to grasp the concept of what just happened. You are trying to remember everything as well as deal with the emotions that come through without warning. During this time, it is hard to remember the details of what happened and that is why you need an experienced personal injury lawyer to represent you. They will be able to sort through what matters and what doesn’t while you are healing from your injuries as well as dealing with what just happened to you.

Gilroy Injury Lawyers for Your Help

Through our experience in this case, we understand all that you are dealing with. We have a very compassionate staff that work with you no matter where you are recovering at. We will schedule around your doctor visits and rehab to come and see you to talk to you and understand how you are dealing with everything. In the past, our personal injury lawyers have been consulted to represent others in cases that include:

When our lawyers are representing you, we won’t back down when the other clients’ lawyers confront them over your case. We aggressively represent your rights with insurance companies, because we know that you need to get the financial compensation you deserve.

Once you sign our agreements, we will represent you 100% at all times and will go to court for you when we can’t settle out of court. In some cases, claims can be settled without going to court through mediations and negotiations but if that does not work out, our lawyers know how to litigate to win your case.

If you would like more information about BL Accident Law, give us a call and let’s talk. We’ll walk you through the whole process so that you understand the legalities of the claim process. Call us to schedule an appointment for the FREE initial consultation with one of our lawyers.


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Kevin MillerKevin Miller
04:14 15 Feb 23
I never thought it would happen to me. I was driving home from work and a car ran into my car from the rear. I knew there was going to be hefty medical bills and more importantly, the time off of work for treatment. I heard about this law firm so I called them up and spoke with them about my situation. They have been so professional yet empathetic. Very happy.
Teresa WillisTeresa Willis
07:38 14 Feb 23
The attorney was so professional, kind, and made the process so easy. Everyone at the office was a pleasure to work with and handled my correspondence with care and intention. They exceeded my expectations and made the experience very comfortable and personable. Thank you to the entire team!
Jerry VanceJerry Vance
07:23 13 Feb 23
After the accident I was hesitant to call an injury lawyer. My first conversation with this firm however made me realize that I had made the right decision. This firm helped me in all the little steps from time to time and provided me with the right legal advice. They were kind and considerate. I felt that they really looked after my best interests. I would recommend them.
Karen HarrisonKaren Harrison
07:06 13 Feb 23
This firm went above and beyond expectations providing me with lots of info, guidance, what to expect, always available, promptly replying, and much more. From the very beginning the team made me feel comfortable and at ease. They always called back when promised, and would often answer my email questions in the evenings or weekends. if you ever need a great injury lawyer, this is the place to go!
Irene MooreIrene Moore
08:22 10 Feb 23
I was involved in an accident that has caused life changing injuries. The attorney was very professional and supportive during the entire process. He made sure I understood everything and made sure that I was comfortable with every decision made.

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