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Do you own a motor vehicle or motorcycle that has spent more time in the repair shop than on the road? Are you having ongoing repair issues with your boat or watercraft? Is the computer in your motor home or RV malfunctioning? If you’ve been dealing with these problems or any others that are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, it may be time for you to contact a Lemon Law attorney in Apple Valley at the BL Accident Law. We understand how difficult it can be when your vehicle keeps on giving issues on the road and you just cannot get it repaired before it breaks down again.

As your legal representative in a Lemon Law claim, we are dedicated to ensuring that your rights are protected under the law. We have longstanding ties with the Apple Valley community and others throughout Southern California’s high desert region. Since establishing our legal practice, we have provided clients with an extensive range of legal experience and expertise and committed to providing trustworthy service. That si why we are counted among the best Lemon Law attorneys in California.

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About California’s Lemon Law

The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, more commonly known as California’s Lemon Law, was enacted to protect consumers. There are a number of exceptions and rules to the Lemon Law. Consequently, hiring an experienced Lemon Law attorney in Apple Valley from the BL Accident Law. is recommended. As your legal representatives, we will work aggressively on your behalf to ensure to secure a refund or replacement of your defective vehicle or watercraft.

California provides consumers with relief for defective vehicles and watercraft that are purchased under warranty. After a “reasonable” number of failed repair attempts, the consumer is entitled to financial relief or replacement of the vehicle or watercraft by the dealership or manufacturer. According to § 1793.2 et seq. of the California Civil Code, California’s Lemon Law:

Vehicles and other consumer goods that are covered by this law include leased, new, and previously owned motor vehicles and motorcycles as well as boats and watercraft, and motor homes and RV’s.

Do You qualify for a Lemon Law Claim?

Before you can hold a dealership or manufacturer responsible for defects and other problems, you must meet certain criteria under California’s Lemon Law in order to ensure that the vehicle or other consumer good is a lemon. If the vehicle or consumer good meets the following criteria, you have the right to pursue legal action or seek recourse with the help of a Lemon Law attorney in Apple Valley from the BL Accident Law:

Our legal team is well known by dealerships and manufacturers throughout Southern California. If your Lemon Law attorney Apple Valley at BL Accident Law cannot resolve your claim directly, we will take it into the courtroom. With a high success rate, we are qualified and confident to take any claim to trial if our clients are dissatisfied with manufacturer’s terms or offers. We include our clients as little as or as much as they want. We work with them and make decisions according to their wishes.

Debunking the 5 most common Lemon Law Myths

There are tons of information available regarding California’s Lemon Law and legal representation pertaining to Lemon Law claims. Unfortunately, some of it is inaccurate or incorrect. We understand that you may be confused with information that you hav looked up online. Since Lemon Law claims apply to lease agreements and purchases of vehicles and other consumer goods that are under warranty, it’s important to ensure that the information you receive is factual. Here are 5 of the most common Lemon Law myths and the truth about each one of them:

 Contact BL Accident Law and book an initial consultation with our experienced Lemon law attorneys. With our dedicated service and years of experience in handling Lemon law claims, we can ensure favorable settlement for our clients as quickly as possible. For assistance with a Lemon Law claim and to speak with a Lemon Law attorney in Apple Valley, call BL Accident Law today.

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