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Under California’s lemon Law, you are eligible to receive a refund, cash settlement or a replacement vehicle, if you have tried to get your vehicle repaired a few times under warranty yet it does not work as it should or compromises the safety, efficiency and use of the automobile. Even though there has been a lot of improvement and advancements in the automobile industry, mechanical and technical issues abound. There are many car lessees and other vehicle owners that need to find redressal under Lemon Laws in California.

At BL Accident Law, we have established our legal practice to help people in San Clemente and surrounding cities in California to focus on those people that are looking to filing claims against auto manufacturers due to the defective vehicles they got or lemons as they are termed. Our team of Lemon Law attorneys in San Clemente have a proven track record of successfully getting refunds or replacements vehicles for our clients. Thus, in case you have leased or bought a lemon, don’t forget to call BL Accident Law today for a free consultation with our lawyers.

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Overview of Lemon Law in California

Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act or the Lemon Law in California was enacted to protect the consumers in California that unknowingly purchased or leased defective vehicles. The law covers both new and used vehicles but are under the auto manufacturer’s factory warranty. We understand that dealing with a faulty vehicle or a lemon is not only tedious and time consuming, but it is a waste of time and money as you are usually at the workshop getting it repaired than on the road commuting safely. However, your defective vehicle will need to meet various requirements before it can be legally termed as a lemon and you can file for claim. It is best to call in one of our Lemon law attorneys in San Clemente and discuss your case in detail, if there are recurring issues or any major issues with your vehicle.

We will fight for you and work around the clock to help you recover adequate remedy for your losses. We only practice in the field of Lemon law and every claim receives our undivided attention

When Is Vehicle Is Termed As A ‘Lemon’?

Some of our clients did not even know that their vehicle qualifies for a lemon and they qualify for replacement or repurchase of a defective vehicle. They got a remedy according to their preference after being represented by us. Here are some key aspects of being eligible under Lemon laws in California:

Your vehicle, irrespective of whether it is purchased or leased, needs to be under warranty when you are looking to get it repaired. However, auto dealership ‘extended warranties’ are not counted.

Additionally, the vehicle termed as a lemon has to meet the ‘lemon law presumptions. These will establish your eligibility whether you will get a refund, vehicle replacement or cash settlement as per the lemon laws. These are the pre-conditions which need to be satisfied by your vehicle:

Though Lemon laws does not specify the number of repairs that you need to call for, but there are many scenarios that your claim is warranted. These include:

However, this is the basic premise and you can always file a claim under California’s Lemon Law under other scenarios. That is why if you think you have a lemon on hand, it helps to consult with our expert lemon Law attorneys in San Clemente. We understand that not all cases are the same. Each claim is judged on the basis of its unique characteristics and that is one of the reasons that you need to speak with our lawyers at BL Accident Law today. We will help determine if your vehicle is a lemon or not.

Coverage of Lemon Law in California

The lemon laws work by protecting the consumers and make the auto manufacturers to replace, refund or provide a cash settlement to the owner or lessee of the vehicle that meet the eligibility factors. It is mandatory to adhere to the lemon laws and thus, auto manufactures are held liable for the lemons. They cannot avoid the responsibility by putting in disclaimers in the contracts.

At BL Accident Law, we know that such cases are complex and challenging and that is one of the reasons that you need the services of Lemon Law Attorneys in San Clemente.

Working with BL Accident Law

When you work with our law firm, here is a quick overview of what you can expect from the expertise and experience of our attorneys will:

To ensure that your rights are protected, our lawyers don’t charge you but will add their fees and other costs related to the claim to the vehicle manufacturers. Thus, you don’t have to worry about our fees at all.

Thus, if you have been worrying about the loss on the purchase or leasing a lemon, time has come to do something about your investments. Call BL Accident Law today and let our lemon law attorneys in San Clemente handle it all for you.

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