What Are Your Options If Loved One Was Killed In Car Accident?

The close family members of someone that was killed in a car accident do have the legal right to seek monetary compensation.

Steps to take, when pursuing that same right

Consult with an accident lawyer in San Clemente, preferably one that has acquired experience with the task of helping a client that lost a loved one, due to a fatal accident.

Use these sources, when searching for evidence:

—Police report
—Medical report
—Accounts from witnesses
—A visit to the scene of the tragedy/accident
—Any available contact information

Family members have the ability to speed the rate at which any available funds could get delivered to them.

The funds would come faster, if the claimants/family members had given a statement to the insurance company as soon as possible, following the accident’s occurrence.

If the decedent had previously designated a beneficiary, then the court would not have to select one, and the same beneficiary would receive the deserved funds sooner.

Families that have consulted with an attorney, and have used an attorney’s services, when filing a complaint, normally receive their compensation in a much shorter span of time.

Costs that could add to the amount of money awarded to the grieving family members

Medical expenses: Money spent on trying to save the seriously injured accident victim

Funeral and burial expenses

Loss of wage earner in household

Cost of treatment for individuals that suffered depression or distress, as a result of their grief

Costs that could eat up much of any monetary award, if the grieving family has failed to hire an attorney

The legal costs that would arise, if certain distant family members tried to claim a share of the available funds

—A former spouse might present such a claim.
—A stepson or stepdaughter might come forward with such a claim.

The expense, in terms of both money and time that would be created during any effort to gather evidence by going to each of the listed sources

The cost, in terms of money and time that would be created by the task of going to the court, and sharing the document that had listed a designated beneficiary

Families that have access to a lawyer’s assistance can do a better job of explaining any delay in notification of the insurance company, following word of the serious injury to their loved one. An attorney could offer an explanation, and ensure a faster delivery of the anticipated funds.

All experienced accident lawyers keep this fact in mind at all times: no amount of help with receiving monetary compensation would ever work to wash away a family’s grief. Every grieving family should seek a lawyer that has the ability to display compassion.

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