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Let’s just take a moment in this scenario… You’ve spent several months, or even years, saving money to purchase your dream sailboat or fishing boat. Ultimately, the day arrives when you can purchase or lease one. It seemed like forever to visit one of those nearby lakes or wander out into the blue waters of the Pacific. Now, consider a situation wherein after a month, you find that there are some defects with the watercraft, and it must be sent for repairs to correct the issues. To make matters worse, those problems continue! What can you do in such a situation? The investment losses, coupled with the disappointment, surely compel you to plan your future course of action.

We completely understand your condition and your mental state. In case you own a watercraft, or a boat, then it’s highly pertinent to know that California’s Lemon Law is not just applicable to motor vehicles. It also covers all watercrafts within its range. In cases arising wherein you have bought or leased a faulty vessel of any kind or size, that may threaten your or others’ safety, then the time is ripe to get in touch with a lawyer. In Apple Valley, California, BL Accident Law has attorneys who deal in Boats and Watercrafts Lemon Law cases.

Details About Lemon Laws for Boats and Watercrafts Applicable in California

The legislative body in California enforced the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act in 1971 in order to give consumers certain legal pathways to deal with manufacturers and dealerships who sold faulty products. This law aids people who bought or leased faulty boats or other such watercrafts that came with a warranty. As per the laws, the eligible vessels should have a substantial fault that impacts the value, use, or safety of the boat or watercraft. A Boats and Watercraft Lemon lawyer in Apple Valley, California, can surely help in explaining your consumer rights, and the other legal recourses available to you in your present situation. Our team of experienced lawyers have aided numerous clients in getting decrees in their favor, who were stuck in the same conditions.

Types of Vessels Under the Ambit of Lemon Laws of California

Considering the legal nuances, any watercraft which is sold is under the warranty as per the Lemon Laws of California, which is inclusive of those boats which do not have a motor attached to them. The following list entails those vessels which will be covered under the Lemon Law if they were sold with a warranty:

In pursuance of a claim under Lemon Laws, send a notice to the manufacturer informing them of your intention to file a suit against their faulty product, which has been either been bought or leased out. Moreover, the notice communicates to them a specific issue relating to safety, which can otherwise negatively impact other people who are using the waterways in California.

Perils Entailing a Faulty Watercraft

In the case of boats and other watercrafts, there exist certain faults in the vessels which can spell danger for the person in the watercraft and may prove to be lethal. Instances of such faults may be:

Such defects can subsequently lead you to getting stranded, or even losing your way, and become an obstacle in getting the most recent weather and storm updates. These are hazardous defects, which can even lead to fatal conditions, predominantly if you are in open waters, wherein the situations can become dangerous in a split-second. Any faults which prevent you from utilizing your watercraft should be analyzed with a Boats and Watercraft Lemon lawyer in Apple Valley, California, with BL Accident Law.

You Must Provide Evidence About Your Vessel Being a Lemon Under the Laws

In case your boat or watercraft is a lemon, in accordance with California’s laws, it is necessary for the manufacturer to compensate you for all your losses incurred. As well as those in relation to the repairs made to the watercraft, or to replacing the watercraft itself. However, you need to provide evidence to showcase that your watercraft is a lemon under the laws of California. This can be done by proving that:

In case the manufacturer defends against your claims, then you should approach BL Accident Law and review your situation with our Boats and Watercraft Lemon lawyer in Apple Valley, California, promptly. It is highly crucial to take into consideration the documents relating to the repairs, and any such communications relating to the faults in the vessel. This aids in filing a case at the earliest possible opportunity to facilitate negotiations on your side, along with the manufacturer, and assists you in getting adequate compensation, or getting your vessel replaced.

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I was having a tough time with my car and didn't know what to do. I was completely lost until I found Braff Law. They helped me through the lemon law process and it was so easy! Thank you for all of your help!

Susan Carter

I was stuck in a lease and had no idea what to do. After a quick online search I found out about the lemon law. I called up Braff and they were able to help me with everything. They always got back to me quickly and never hesitated to answer my questions.

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I have used Braff Legal Group before to help me with a lemon law issue and they were very helpful. I called them up and they were able to answer all my questions on the phone. The process of working with them was very straightforward, which was perfect for me because I am not good with filling out legal documents.

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Boats and Watercraft Lemon Law Statute of Limitations

When you file a Lemon Lawsuit in California, the limitation period for filing such a suit is four years, calculated from the date you either knew, or should have known, that your watercraft was covered by Lemon Laws. As soon as the Statute of Limitations has passed your case, it will be dismissed by the adjudicating judge. There are, however, certain exceptional circumstances. As a matter of fact, we have represented Lemon Law claimants who have been the owner of vessels for more than four years, and won their suits, as well. Engaging the services of the Braff Law Firm will be highly beneficial, since they specialize in California’s Lemon Laws.

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