How Long Will It Take To Settle My Car Accident Case? 

When a vehicle accident occurs, time just flies by so fast unless you are trying to settle a claim in court. It seems like everything slows down and you are unable to get anything settled for months. It’s important to know before you or your Personal Injury Lawyers in San Clemente enter into a settlement or file a claim that it takes time to complete.

If during that time, you have medical expenses that are costing a lot of money, not to mention all your other bills that are due every month whether you are injured or not; you still have to come up with the money to pay them.

General Timing of Settlements

For many of the personal injury settlement claims, there are different levels involved. If things are simple and clear cut, the settlement can be completed in a few months normally. There are some claims that can take years to settle and can even require a threat of a lawsuit if both parties don’t soon come to an agreement at some point.

Nature and Severity of Injuries

Damages are a part of a personal injury settlement because it is the result of the accident most of the time. Damages can involve personal property, medical expenses, and more. If the damages are somewhat minor, the insurance company will most likely close the book on the case and move on.

For other damages, it could mean that the insurance company will pay for chiropractic care, rehabilitation, personal property reimbursement, and more. But again, each case is different and it’s hard to predict what your case will cost.

Insurance Company

The overall size of the insurance company can have a major impact on how the insurance company will settle a claim. While some of the larger companies may offer a lower settlement amount, the smaller companies may be able to offer more based on the individuals needs and the report from claims adjusters on scene. Smaller companies tend to be more attentive to their client’s needs, personalizing the services they offer.

Factors Relevant to the Accident

There are some circumstances that can impact the timing of a settlement offer, such as liability. Another factor to be considered is who was involved in the accident. If a government entity is to blame for a malfunctioning traffic light, then they may need to accept some responsibility as well. This process takes longer but they insurance will pursue whomever is to blame when necessary.

Another factor that will be taken into consideration is if the accident was not documented well. If there is a lack of information for the claims adjuster, such as a medical report listing the injuries suffered from the accident or a police report that doesn’t have all the important details, then this will influence the results of the settlement.

Your Personal Injury Attorney May Not Want to Settle

There are many attorneys that just don’t want to settle a case outside of court and prefer to go to trial. The attorney you hire may want to wait to see how the injury you have has impacted your everyday life including your career in order to make the most out of their day in court.

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