How To Initiate A Slip Fall Injury Claim?

If you have a potential claim, then follow this advice. That way, you should be able to protect your potential claim.

Actions to complete on day of incident, if possible

Report the accident to the owner of the premises. The owner should then contact his or her insurance company.

If you have fallen on public property, go online and search for the name of the office that receives public complaints. Call and complain, then follow up by sending a written notice from your personal injury lawyer in San Clemente.

Get the names and contact numbers for any witnesses. If you have been hurt badly, you may need to have someone carry out that specific task for you. If you have access to a camera, take pictures from different angles. Show the object that caused you to slip and fall.

Seek medical attention. Be sure to tell the health provider how you got hurt.

Actions to complete during the recovery period

Fill out an accident report form.

Contact an attorney; arrange a time for a consultation.

Follow the instructions given to you by your treating physician.

Keep all scheduled doctor’s appointments, or, if necessary, call and have it re-scheduled.

If you have missed days on the job, arrange for your boss to write a letter that verifies the number of days missed, and the amount of salary lost, due to your absence from the workplace.

If you are self-employed, start to collect all the papers that show how much money your business takes in each day. Those could be copies of pages from an accountant’s books, copies of last year’s tax form, or even a calendar of appointments that you had to miss.

If you fell in a public space, work with your lawyer, in order to learn about any similar incidents that took place at the same location. You would have a stronger case, if you could discover a time when someone else fell at that same spot.

Governments are supposed to maintain public spaces. Mention of a previous fall would show that the designated government agency had heard about the threat to safety on a section of public property, but had failed to undertake the necessary action.

Evidence of that failure should strengthen your case. Do not erase that strength by failing to follow all of the other tips that were given in this article.

Avoid taking these actions

Do not agree to give a taped statement to the property owner’s insurance company.

Do not mention any past illnesses or injuries, when the doctor is looking at how your body was harmed by the recent fall.

Do not share any information about your injury or treatments by posting those facts on a social media network.

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