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Nobody should ever have to shoulder the burden of repeatedly taking their car, motor home/RV, motorcycle, SUV, truck, or van to the repair shop whether it’s leased, new, or previously owned. The same applies to boats and watercraft. Having to call a friend, rely on Lyft or Uber, take a taxi, or use the Gilroy public transportation system isn’t one of those things you want to be dealing with while your asset is sitting in the repair shop. This is especially true when you’re making payments on it.

Fortunately, a Lemon Law attorney in Gilroy from the BL Accident Law can help when it comes to finding a legal remedy for that situation. Few individuals relish the idea of getting into a legal dispute. However, when it comes to persuading a multi-million-dollar dealership or multi-billion-dollar manufacturer to do what’s right, nothing is as effective as the threat of a major lawsuit. Fortunately, our clients rarely have a visit a courtroom and discuss their circumstances in front of a judge and jury.

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California’s Lemon Law explained

California’s Lemon Law is an extensive series of legal requirements and regulations. Furthermore, the complexity of this law makes it imperative to seek legal counsel where claims are concerned. We do not recommend trying to contact the auto manufacturers on your own as you’ll never get anywhere with them directly. They have a strong legal team that will ensure you don’t get any redressal.

With the help of lemon law, you can recover financial compensation for your losses or may have the defective vehicle replaced by a properly functioning vehicle of same make and model. However, the manufacturing companies seldom pay attention to the request of consumers. At the BL Accident Law, every Lemon Law attorney in Gilroy has the experience and expertise required to help clients navigate the law and successfully resolve your case. Our legal team can provide you with the guidance and information needed to get you through the claims process and get you results you’re entitled to.

The official name of the California Lemon Law is the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and is found under Civil Code §§ 1790 et seq. It was enacted to protect consumers who lease or purchase a new or previously owned vehicle that is still under warranty. The law requires that the warrantor replace or repurchase the vehicle if a reasonable number of repair attempts have been unsuccessful in correcting the problem and is therefore determined to be a “lemon.”

Should you decide that you want the vehicle repurchased, the warrantor must reimburse your down payment, all monthly payments you’ve made, and pay off the remaining balance of the lease or loan. Whether you decided on replacing or repurchasing the vehicle, you’re entitled to the recovery of all licensing fees and taxes that you’ve paid to date along with related repair costs, rental car fees, and towing costs.

With our experience and legal expertise, we can help you in making a judicious decision at every step after filing a Lemon law claim. Therefore, you have increased possibility of success. Our legal assistance is available to our clients at no additional expense. We will collect the attorney’s fees and legal costs from the auto-manufacturing companies once we win the case.

Finally, California’s Lemon Law also applies to motor homes and RV’s, motorcycles, and boats and watercraft as well as vehicles. Your motorcycle also qualifies for a Lemon law claim if it has a defect that significantly reduces its value or impairs its function. However, it has to be a street-legal motorcycle in order to qualify for Lemon law claim. Contact us if you want to find out whether or not your motorcycle qualifies to be a Lemon.

A Word about Warranties

In order to be eligible to file a Lemon Law claim with a Lemon Law attorney in Gilroy from the BL Accident Law, your vehicle or other consumer good mentioned in the prior section must be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. For some individuals, this is where things get confusing. Simply stated, motor vehicles and the powertrain portion of motor homes and RVs are covered under the Lemon Law if:

The coach portion of a motor home or RV, motorcycles, and towables such as fifth-wheel trailers, pop-up campers, toy haulers, and travel trailers are classified as consumer goods. However, these are entitled to the same protections as those items that are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Safety Concerns

At BL Accident Law, we know that since driving a vehicle that’s a lemon can be dangerous, one of the first things your Lemon Law attorney in Gilroy will advise you to do is to stop driving your vehicle immediately. Today’s vehicles are equipped with dozens of high-tech safety features. As with any new technology, problems can arise that put the safety of drivers and their passengers at risk. Even some of the more basic functions such as braking and steering can fail and cause serious accidents.

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Our litigation team is committed to providing clients with superior legal representation throughout every stage of the Lemon Law claims process. Every Lemon Law attorney in our firm will work aggressively on your case in order to achieve the most desirable outcome possible. In many cases, we can resolve the client’s case out of court. But rest assured, we have a history of numerous successes in Lemon Law cases just like yours. For more information, call the BL Accident Law today.

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