Proving A Defect In A Car Accident Case

There are some car accident cases where the liable party may not be just one driver. In fact, it could be a defective part causing an accident to occur. When the manufacturer of the defective part is the one at fault, it will take some investigation from an experienced injury attorney in Apple Valley to determine how much of the fault relies on the manufacturer.

Types of Defects

There are many different parts on a vehicle that could become defective but there are three different types of defects to cover.

Defect Type #1: Design

If a vehicle has a defect in the design, it could result in an injury. Design defect could include the fuel like connection malfunction that may cause a flammable environment.

Defect Type #2: Manufacturing

When the design of the vehicle is appropriate but there is something wrong with the manufacturing process. An example of manufacturing malfunction would be a product coming off of the mold correctly. When a vehicle part is not the right size or shape, it can cause a malfunction in the way the vehicle runs or drives.

Defect Type #3: Warning Defect

Vehicles are equipped to warn drivers of certain mechanical issues but when the warning mechanism doesn’t work, the driver may not know and the end result could be a car crash resulting in injury.

Vehicle Defect Overview

When parts on a vehicle become defective, they can disrupt the way the vehicle operates. The defect part can lead to an accident. In some cases, if the manufacturer knows about the defect, they will issue a recall to everyone who owns that type of vehicle. T

he vehicle owner can take it to a nearby mechanic and have the defective part replaced at no cost to the owner. Normally, these defects are not discovered until an accident occurs prompting an investigation into the vehicle that was involved in an accident.


Damages that are caused from defects could destroy a vehicle from the inside to the outside and can lead to an accident. Accidents affect more people than we realize and can cause injury to the body as well as other vehicles. When an accident occurs, victims are normally looking at bruises, scratches, broken bones, and more.

Establishing Fault

When an accident occurs, if an attorney believes that it could be due to a defective part, they will order further investigation. While this takes time, it may be worth the wait if the attorney is right in what they presume to be the issue. The attorney will then take the manufacturer and all involved to court unless a settlement can be reached. The amount that is agreed upon in a settlement will depend on many different factors including the extent of your injuries and everyone involved in the accident.

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